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having on your morning commute and along the route of a popular dc parade. good morning and welcome. >> we are gathering details at the scene in boston this morning. we know that three people are dead. this sister lost a leg. >> 126 are injured, 17 in critical condition right now. two unexploded bombs were found near the blast site. and so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. it is shaping up to be a nice day around the area. tom is here with what you need to know before you head out the door. >> good morning. breaks in the clouds. live for you here. starting off this morning we
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have temperatures down into the low and mid 50s. mid 50s near 50 much of southern maryland where the cloud cover is pretty much gone. mid and upper 50s from the co mountains to the valley. hours of a party sunny morning. by 10:00 ought to be by up pour 60. sunrise is at 6:30. temple hills near 70 degrees there. look at the rest of the afternoon for the region and we'll look at this evening as well. let's look at the temperature morning traffic. checking on closures related to the parade happening in
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northwest. if you are traveling along pennsylvania avenue between 14th and 13th street expect closures along 13th street at e street. expect delays over bw parkway. northbound near powder mill road. police on the scene blocking the right lane. as you head northbound all the way to powder mill road. crashes in the left shoulder lane. take liedelays, you are pretgor good here. >> thank you. >> we have new numbers in this morning we checked in with boston area hospitals. 126 people are still in
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hospitals this morning. even the surgeons are having trouble coming to brips with what happened. >> it is depressing that we take care of accidents all the time. doctors say more than two dozen people either lost a limb or had to have a limb amputated. >> reporter: that is new information. police questioning two men in that boston suburb. they questioned two men this morning. all they are telling us is tho
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are kwo they are questioning those men. they want anyone with audio, or video to send them in for investigation. they are viewing security measures for sunday's race. new york city and los angeles are beefing up security. president obama says who ever is responsible for the bombing attack will feel the full weight of justice. flags are at half-staff as the tribute of the explosions. you are looking at a live picture right now. you will notice heightened security around the region. metro officers working over time and they are asking you to keep
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your eyes open and report anything suspicious. you may want to give yourself extra time. pa larade begins at 11:00 am. emachines passion day marks the parade day. doctor in that group performed cpr on another runner. we caught up to some of the group's other members and they say boston looked like a war zone. >> i said no, this can't be a
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bomb. i was a former navy officer and seeing something like that. and 15 seconds later, when the second bomb went off we knew this was for real. more than calling for hope. >> i need lanes open here. the communications as they were rushing to hope. >> tensions remain high. and it is saping up to be a an[ male announcer ] what if you could redesign business travel
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you are looking at every one standing guard over a massive crime scene. >> the governor of massachusetts said boston is open and operating as normal today but expect to see a lot of police presence today. >> i can't help but think, this was very, very similar to what you saw the plank looks on people's faces. and this scene. >> we are hearing stories of
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what warms the heart and those going to the finish line. so we are hoping to hear good stories. we want to get a look at weather and traffic on the one's. >> you will need a light jacket. they have a clear sky there. here is your day ahead. i think much of the region should be party sunny back down into the 60s under a party to mostly cloudy sky.
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we'll start in virginia. use caution as you travel in that area. volume as you continue in the city area. thank you. doing what they could to help. >> i want the road cleared. straight ahead. rushing to help after the deadly blast. >> the impact it could have on hey, what are you drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. definitely dunkin'. you know, i need to get that jolt in the morning,
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i need lanes open here. we need to get people away from it. clear everybody out of there. use caution. once again all officers monitoring. use caution. >> i need somebody up there to
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get people on social media. we are sweeping the streets. once we get it swept. at this time we have the veck times off the scene. >> that is a radio communication. it gives you a sense of the chaos after the attack. it is putting police on high alert. megan? >> well, that parade scheduled to begin at 11:00 am. you can see the heightened security here. we are at the intersection and police blocked off all of the roads along the parade route. they have been towing cars.
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police tow trucks have been cruising the areas for hours. and so you need to he'd those no wa parking signs that are out there for this parade. there is no threat to washington dc to metro or the events. if you are traveling on metro today you can see the station and canines and the possibility of bag checks. >> basketball is taking a back seat in boston today as the city recovers. the game is scheduled to be played at td dpgarden is cancelled. the bruins postponed the game last night against the boston
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senators. you can find the information you need on >> new this morning a marine helicopter cashed near the bord border. it was taking part in a drill 21 people onboard. six people in the hospital in stable condition. the crew is from the 31st marine unit stationed in japan. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. new threats after the country quietly celebrated it's founder's birth. it is vowing retaliation after protests were held in the south yesterday. the country instead celebrated the birth of its founder. south korea's president will meet with president obama. the white house announced the
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may 7th visit yesterday. including how to counter north kor korean threat. >> happy birthday to pope benedict. the former pontiff is the oldest and resigned citing a back of strength due to his age. he served for almost 8 years. >> series of earthquakes have rattled parts of central oklahoma this morning. four small quakes have hit and are centered northeast of oklahoma city and range in magnitude of 4.8 and 2.3. so far no reports of injuries or damage. >> 6:20 is our time now.
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investigators are working together to figure out who is responsible for the terror attack in boston. nbc's stephanie himinez is live where the blast happened. good morning. good morning to you. we are about five blocks away from where those bombs wept off yesterday. we see barricades as so ficials try to see what happened xwres ter day. people were setting up for the marathon. but that atmosphere quickly changed yesterday at 3:00 p.m. as ruppers were crossing that finish line and two explosions sent a blizzard into the air forcing some to run for their lives. so far we know that three people died 140 people injured and many
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people are being treated at nearby hospitals. the investigation here is very much underway at 9:30. we expect to have a press conference with the fbi. no suspect has been named in the deadly blast. investigators have spoken to several people. no suspects have been named in the case. for now, live in boston. nbc washington now pack to you. 6:21 now. let's check in with storm team four. good morning sunrise less than ten minutes away and we have quite a bit of low cloudiness here. showing breaks in the clouds and temperatures under this party cloudy sky. you need a light jacket as you head out to school. low and mid 50s as well as
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arlington fairfax and right near the bay and eastern shore. farther west where the cloud cover is thicker temperatures there in much of the west of virginia. there is the sky over the potomac river right now. 56 at reagan national. by noon upper 60 it's and by mid afternoon holding steady. much of the region with a light breeze. the poll ten koupt is going to high today tomorrow and on thursday. storm team four, four day forecast mild pattern. increasing clouds and washing some of that pollen out of the air. cooler weekend to follow as we dry out. danella looks at traffic now. >> still tracking delays. in maryland at powder mill road
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because of an accident there still along the right side of the roadway. we'll look right now. here is what is happening. the right lane is blocked. your delays, significant two miles as you are traveling northbound approaching the beltway heavy on the brakes and expected because of that accident having only one lane get by. normal volume. >> all right thank you. >> the race to beat virginia's next governor is shaping up to be an expensive one.
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giving him access to 8 super bowl tickets. he is a former democratic chairman and worked on bill and hillary clinton's presidential bids. what we learned about the investigation while you were sleeping plus what lies ahead while the city wakes up this morning and when congress could take action. and how long the pleasant weather could stick around.
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new this morning we are seeing the first picture of the youngest victim. >> overnight police questioned two men at apartment in a boston suburb and they were seen leaving with what appeared to be bags of evidence. >> this is a live picture of downtown boston. you can see the police barricades there. strong police presence this morning. the national guard there as well. >> we will have much more on the events in boston. first want to get a look at the forecast for today. >> tom klerein is here now at 6:31. good morning sunrise that is the live view from the nbc4 city
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camera. look at those salmon tinged clouds. blinging bringing in chilly air. we are in the 50s for the mountains to the beaches. parts of the eastern shore dipped down to 50 degrees. they have a clear sky there under the clouds though. hour by hour through the morning hours we will stay on the cool side by mid morning under a party sunny sky. that should warm us to the upper 60s by then. during the rest of the afternoon we will have it reaching the 70s. noon time there with the party sunny sky should be in the upper 60s. a look at the rest of the afternoon and evening that is coming up in ten minutes. now let's look at traffic. good morning. we are going to start with the
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train experiencing delays train 511 has a 17 minute delay. let's head over to northwest. seeing police shut down 13th street. in fact festivities happening today you will see other closures along the avenue as well as closures along 13th street and e street as well. now let's head to the beltway as you make your way towards the wilson bridge. passing 210. clear in both directions and traveling 395 northbound. you can see pretty slow here. back over to you. >> 633 now. we are following a developing story on capitol hill. plans to hear a reform bill are
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on hold. many say that rollout can wait out of respect to the victims in boston. the senators tell us the measure will create a way for millions of undocumented immigrants to become citizens. >> right now the white house is calling on support for gun control measure. supporters need republicans onboard if the bill has any chance of passing. the democrat and republican who crafted it say they will be willing to accept changes to the plan if it helps it pass. >> giffords is here in washington for the unveiling of a commemorative plaque. she was critically injured in that shooting and resigned from congress last year to focus on her recovery.
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a rockville teen will be laid to rest this morning. friends and family vath therred for a viewing. miller was found dead inside the home of army staff sergeant adam a ar ardnt last week. >> police across the country are searching for the mother accused of kidnapping her son. police say she took her 5-year-old son away from her father. the father says love has a history of substance abuse. police hope people are using social media to spread the word of the disappearance with the hash tag. >> today virginia will remember one of the greatest tragedies in history. they declared this virginia tech
6:36 am
remembrance day. this week also marks the 18th week of the oklahoma city bombing and the 14th anniversary of the comlum bine shooting. >> more than two dozen members of american medical athletic association ran on the race. our shamari stone went to boston and caught up to the group's members and said it looked like a war zone. >> initially i said this can't be a bomb. i was a former navly o ly offic seeing something like that and 15 seconds later when the second bomb went off we knew this was for real. more than 1200 people from washington, maryland and virginia ran in the marathon.
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>> also ahead first hand accounts what local runners are saying about the tragedy plus the warning for those hoping to give to the victims of the bombings and what some are hopeing to take advantage of the tragedy. the pleasant forecast on tap for your day next.
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and we have more of those photos online at let's check the forecast. looks like a beautiful morning here in washington.
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>> tom klerein is keeping an eye on things. a gold and gray sunrise. live view from the nbc4 city camera. early now at 6:41 we have a cool start. we will need a light jacket for you. low to mid 50s. we'll have a party sunny day. mostly sunny skies down to the low 60s by midnight. let's look at traffic now with danella. >> tracking an accident a car fire traveling the toll road past the beltway.
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>> thank you. >> former vice president dick cheney will attend the funeral of margaret thatcher. her body will be moved ahead of the funeral. it will be carried for the service which will take place before 2,000 guests. >> overnight police searched apartment and were seen leaving with brown trash bags and a duffle bag. they did not provide other details. it is unclear whether this was in connection with the bombing
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detail. right now more than 100 people still in the hospital after the bombing. they are treating 126 patients in all. the death toll hasn't changed overnight. we spoke to some of the surgeons who operated the victims they are describing pour risk injuries. >> they are pretty brave. it is a terrible thing and most patients attitude is do what you have to do and try to make it better. >> one doctor said it looked more look a war zone. a lot of people went to help in the explosions. they ran into the chaos to try to help. >> two pbombs went off. we were picking them up and
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putting pressure on wounds and a lot of people were hurt. two soldiers ran over to massachusetts general to donate blood. cities across the globe are organizing security measured for their race on sunday. they are working with police to secure the route. japan is adding officers where large crowds gather. the same for chicago and miami. president obama says who ever is responsible for the attack will quote feel the full weight of justice. right now a symbol of mourning atop the capitol building. the flags are at half-staff. you will notice heightened security around the region.
6:45 am
metro police officers working over time to make their presence felt. they are asking you to report anything suspicious as you ride in. we posted their number on our twitter and facebook pages. tive yourself extra time today there may be extra bag checks. >> after an attack in boston you see extra security at the airport. here is a live picture. our crew reporting business as usual. traffic is moving along the strip fairly smoothly. several local runners who ran the boston marathon are back home this morning. one tells news4 he just crossed the finish line when the bomb explosioned. >> you are turning around and looking at the debris blowing
6:46 am
into the street and you see the second explosion down the street. >> he says he knew what was happening at that moment and said if he had finisheded 30 seconds later he would have been in the area where the bombs exploded. many fans were unable to get back to their hotel rooms. they managed a resource center and shelter. they were able to get information about counseling services and shuttle buses before the race. that is expects to be open this morning. >> group of runners from newtown, connecticut were at the race to honor the victims of the shooting. the race is 26 miles long and runners dedicated each mile to one of the victims and there websiwas a 26 second moment of silence at
6:47 am
the opening of the race. all members of newtown are okay and accounted for. >> we want to play for you some of the conversations that they were having to secure the area where the bombs went off. >> this is 84, the fire is coming in. i need lanes open here. >> we have not hadded to set up a perimeter here. use caution there might be additional devices. use caution. i need somebody up there to get on social media and know we are sweeping the streets and make sure it is safe and we are out of the box once we have it swept. we have all of the victims off the scene. >> you may have heard someone reference an explosion. i spoke with folks who run that
6:48 am
library. and they said that fire had nothing to do with the bombings. >> invest tors will be watching wall street today. we have that story and more. >> good morning wall street is going to be focused on any new information that comes out on who may be behind the attacks in boston. driving an already weak market to its lows of the day. investors on an all right low economy. monday's sell off was the worst day for sell offs in five months. gold too is bouncing back after pushing it's biggest drop in dollar terms. wall street will be focused on data that we are getting this morning.
6:49 am
housing starts and industrial production along with earnings. yesterday the dow fell 265 points and the nasdaq lost 78 to close at 2,316. the futures are pointing to a higher open. back to you. >> if you are looking for ways to help the people of boston keep an eye out for scams. less than an hour after the explosions a susprecioicious tw account. twitter shut down at underscore boston marathon. websites have been set up and if you see anything spuspicious le us know on our facebook page.
6:50 am
>> they are trying to figure out who planned those devices. chris is in boston for us with the latest. the race came to a violent end. two explosions near the finish line about 12 seconds and 100 yards apart sent runners for safety. the runners were going the other way. they were people running crying, the wounded were rushed to several boston hospitals. among the dead an 8-year-old boy. doctors say they are treating wounds from the blasts impact and flying debris.
6:51 am
they went from treating blisters to the ones you see on the battlefield. the most common are combined lower extremity injuries. and the lower extremities. >> the fbi is leading the investigation. evidence collection teams have been brought in from new york. president obama vowed it will be a swift and thorough search. >> we will find out who and why they did this. any responsible individuals or groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> police questioned a man who was injured in being treated in a boston hospital. >> chris palone, nbc news boston. >> 6:51. time for weather and traffic on the one's. >> tom klerein is here. not too bad a start today.
6:52 am
>> we had sunrise at 6:30 and now there is a blanket of clouds coming under the region. we have temperatures in the 50s. there is the sunrise. right now 56 at the airport with a light breeze and mid and upper 50s. as we look at the after noon highs, it is going to be in the 60s and 70s. right near the bay, it will be in the mid 60s.
6:53 am
most locations there should make it well into the 70s. the high pollen counts will be in place today and thursday. it will be all the way into the end of the week. we ought to get that pollen watching out. between now and then, highs likelihood of those storms maybe lingering showers cooler weather as we move into the next part of next week. >> good morning. still checking on an earlier car fire past the beltway. shopper four live over the parkway and the beltway.
6:54 am
still seeing delays 2.5 miles. approaching the beltway. delays continuing. i-95 a slow trip to the beltway. >> all right. thank you. >> the emancipation day parade will go on as scheduled today in dc. this was last year's parade you are seeing here. you can expect tight security here. gospel star kirk franklin will perform this afternoon. it marks the anniversary of abraham lincoln signing the emancipation act. >> the district puts it's guard up against the attack. we have more on the extra police presence. >> well, there is no specific threat to washington d.c. or any
6:55 am
of the events including the parade. but we are seeing increased security in light of what happened in boston. this is one of the many detoured in place. this is pennsylvania avenue and you can see that police officers have cruisers blocking the lanes and they are turning team around. looking here we have the emergency no parking signs in place and they are enforcing them. we have seen the tow trucks in action. they are not messing around here. if you see the signs do not park there because they will be towing you away. if you are going to be on the metro system this morning you
6:56 am
will see extra patrols and possible bag checks as well. back to you. >> stay with news4 throughout the day for the latest on the terror in boston. plus continuing coverage. right now your out the door forecast >> dress for a chilly morning. in the 50s now. much of the region should make it into the 70s. shower and thunder shower. t today tomorrow and thursday. and showers and thunderstorms into friday evening. cooler for the week end as we dry out. >> i-66 westbound clear. normal delays here. no accidents. over to i-270 southbound. >> thank you. and that is news4 today.
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thank you for starting your day with us. we will be back in 25 minutes and we leave you with a live picture of downtown boston. we leave you with the finish line
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